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Revoir Julie (Julie and me)
1998 - 91 min, - fiction - 16mm
French with English subtitles

After a break up, Juliet is putting her life back together.
Top of her 'things to do' list is to see an old friend she
has'nt seen for 15 years. Juliet visits Julie in the country,
and the two spend all week end talking, eating and
trying to catch up.

with Stéphanie Morgenstern and Dominique Leduc


With Michka Saäl, then Gilles Desjardins, we wrote several different stories of what would later become Revoir Julie. We explored many avenues.
In the beginning, the story was supposed to be set in Toronto. Julie and Juliet were meant to go to Niagara Falls. I had done some location scouting with my assistant to find a motel in which to shoot the action (no, Marilyn Monroe’s motel never existed). The people in charge of reception took us for a engaged couple and were very gracious. I had found an incredible place: a motel surrounded in alphalt with no trees, not even one square cm of lawn or plants, with a swimming pool in the middle of the parking lot

 In the end, we droped the Falls thing. And Toronto.

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Audience Award: Best fiction
and Special Jury Award
Festival Immaginaria, Bologne, February 2000

Audience Award: Best fiction
Festival CIneffable, Paris, November 1999

Nonimee for Best Quebec feature film Award
from l'AQCC, February 1999


Revue 24 images no 95, hiver 1998-1999,
Gérard Grugeau,
«Retour à la bien-aimée»

Journal The Gazette, John Griffin, 24 octobre 1998
«Oh! Revoir Julie - Montrealer's fine first feature is a tiny revelation»

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random notes

Nasty Weather
We started filming on 5 May 1997. It should’ve been very pleasant work; a film shot in spring in an idyllic setting. Two days later, there was 10 cm of snow on the ground. Among other things, I had chosen Julie’s house for its many openings and the beauty of its natural light. For a week, we had to frame in such a way as to avoid seeing the snow-covered fields through the windows. We had to add a woollen sweater to the costume designer’s creations so that Dominique could say her lines without her teeth chattering. And when the snow finally melted, the lawn turned to mud. And when the weather finally eased, black flies

Daily Delights
In spite of it all, I think that the crew has kept good memories of the shoot. This was in large part thanks to Brendon Vallejo. Since we were 20 km from the nearest cafe, he had been hired to feed the crew. With the modest means of the production, he concocted simple and delicious meals for us. He once worked for the Toqué! Restaurant, and now he has his own award-winning and
acclaimed restaurant, somewhere in Australia. Hello to you, Brendon, and thanks for comforting us.

A Big Impression
Julie and Me was presented in about fifty festivals, on four continents and also allowed me to travel a lot. I met some wonderful people in Vancouver, Austin, London, Cape Town, Bologna, Dijon, and Toulouse, among others. I still have a fond memory of the Castro Cinema, an Art Deco splendour in the heart of San Francisco. Before a full house, the presenter called, “And now, please give a warm welcome to filmmaker Jeanne Crépeau.” The audience generously applauded, I headed up to the stage, missing the last step and falling flat on my face. That’s when I learned an important life lesson: either you just lie there, on the stage of the Castro, in front of 1 400 people, waiting for death to save you from the shame, or you get up and do the best stand up comedy show you ever thought possible. It starts with: “Gee, your warm welcome really DID make a big impression on me.”

Michel Lamothe, Terry Lalos, Martin Allard, Martyne Morin, Marie-Linda Bilodeau, Melissa Malkin, Isabelle Richard, Dominique Leduc, Ivan Gegoff, Jeanne Crépeau, Josée Boisvert, Eric Bachand, Hugo Brochu, Sophie Lebeau, Nadine Fournelle, Phylis Katrapani, Stéphanie Morgenstern, Mario Luis and Brendon Vallejo.

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photo Véro Boncompagni


Stéphanie Morgenstern, Marcel Sabourin and Dominique Leduc


Dominique Leduc

Stéphanie Morgenstern

Mr Provencher
Marcel Sabourin

Muriel Dutil

Lucille Bélair

teenage Juliet
Marie-Pierre Côté

teenage Julie
Mariève Deslongchamps

Julie's voice as a child
Marianne Paradis

voice of the flowers
Jean Deschamps

voice of the rocks
Myra Cree

voice of the maple sirup
Stéphane Lépine

with the friendly performance of Jacques Higelin
and the Barnston-Ouest residents, as themselves.

with the cats Bagdad et Babylone,
the dogs Simbad, Mozart and Tchéra,
Whisky the gerbil, the cows of Mr Holmes
and the unknown duck.

this films was produced thanks to the generosity of the cast and crew who differed part of their wages
and with financial support form
SODEC, (Société de développement des entreprises culturelles-Québec), Canada Council for the arts (film production grant), National FIlm Board of Canada (Aide au cinéma indépendant canadien), Tax Credit Programm from Gouvernment of Québec and from Téléfilm Canada.

Jeanne Crépeau
with the participation of Gilles Desjardins and Michka Saäl

Jeanne Crépeau

director of photography
Michel Lamothe

additional images
Stéphan Ivanov

stills and Super 8
Jeanne Crépeau

shooting stills
Véro Boncompagni

assistant camera
Phillys Katrapani

assistant to the additional dop
Danny Racine

key electric
Yvan Gegoff

occasional electric
Manal Hassib

additional electric
Vincent Dow

Martyne Morin

additional sounds
Dominique Chartrand
Michel Charron

Martin Allard

occasional boom
Hugo Brochu
Pierre Bertrand

Josée Boisvert

Terry Lalos

assistant props
Jeanne Crépeau

graphic arts
Andrée Lauzon

make up
Sophie Lebeau

additional make up
Johanne Archambault

Benjamin Robin

hair color
Réjean Goderre

casting advisor
Lucie Robitaille

teenager casting
Muriel Lafferière

line producers (development)
Martine Beauchemin
Muriel Lizé
Céline Mineau

line producer
Melissa Malkin

ACIC-ONF producer
Monique Létourneau

production coordinator
Jeanne Crépeau

assistant director
Isabelle Richard

assistant director (development)
Louis Bolduc
Guy Bouchard

location scouting
Jeanne Crépeau

Nadine Fournelle

trainee director
Eric Bachand

production assistants
Marie-Linda Bilodeau
Mario Luis
Jeanne Crépeau

production assistant
Jean-Pierre Doucet

Jeanne Crépeau

Brendon Vallejo

assistant to the chef
Laura Auclair

additional cook
Jeanne Crépeau

Myriam Poirier

Michel Dubois

animation bench

Jeanne Crépeau

Serge Langlois
Lise Dagenais

animation bench
Claude Lapierre

assistant editor
Natacha Dufaux
Anne Ardouin
Pamela Gallant

second assistant editor
Jeanne Crépeau

negative cut
Claudine Blain

post production advisors
Conrad Perreault
Isabelle Dupuis

Marc Perron

post-production coordinator
Jeanne Crépeau

post-production accountant
Jean Brien

sound design and re-recordong
Daniel A. Vermette

dialogue editing
Sonia Neveu

effects editing
Luc Mandeville

Philippe Desbiens

backgrounds editing
Lusse Cloutier

post production recording
Stéphane Labonté
Daniel A. Vermette

original music
Karen Young

Sylvain Provost

acoustic bass and piano
Normand Lachapelle

drums and percussion
Pierre Tanguay

Bill Mahan

singer alto
Josée Lalonde

singer soprano and synthesizers
Karen Young

music post production
Jean Lacasse

music recording
Michel Lambert

music mixing
Karen Young
Jean Lacasse
Michel Lambert
Studio Le Divan vert

contact lenses
Louis René Lamarche, opticien

Covimage, groupe Covitec
sound post production
Muses, le Centre inc.

Taillefer Desjardins inc.

directed and produced by
Jeanne Crépeau

Extract from Rue Deschambault by Gabrielle Roy
copyright: Fonds Gabrielle Roy

«Dans la cuisine» song by Brigitte Fontaine and
Areski Belkacem, sang by Brigitte Fontaine

Extracts from songs «Tête en l'air» and «Vague à l'âme»
 by Jacques Higelin,
sang by Dominique Leduc
  and Stéphanie Morgenstern

«John Riley», traditionnal, music by
Stéphanie Morgenstern,
sang by herself.

«La promenade» by Robert Walser,
«Pour un oui ou pour un non» by Nathalie Sarraute
are puplished at Éditions Gallimard

«La petite poule d'eau» by Gabrielle Roy published at Éditions du Boréal

thanks to François Bouvier and Jean Brien
  from Productions du lundi matin.

thanks to Céline Baril, Emmanuelle Beaugrand-Champagne, Fernand Bélanger, Paule Biron, Guy Bouchard, Johanne Bougie, Louis Bolduc, Johanne Boisvert, Dierdre Bowen, Richard Brodet et Suzanne Benoit, Dominique Cormier, Zabelle Côté, Michel Charron, Marielle Cyr, Sabina Desertine, Arlette Dion, Sophie Dubé, Sylvaine Dufaux, Louise Dugal, Les Films de l'autre, Jeannine Gagné, Carole Gagnon, Vincent Gauthier, Sylvie Gauthier, Paul Higelin, Stanley Holmes, Kristina Ivanova, Roger Langlois et Chantal, Marc Langlois, Jean-Philippe Laroche, Andrée Lauzon, Fabienne Lavoie de la Halte écologique des battures de Saint-André de Kamouraska, Lyne Locas, Nadine Ltaïf, Michel Madore, Main film, Sylvie Masse, Mastri, Catherine Martin, André Ménard, Madeleine Poulin, Chantal Neveu, Louise Overy, Marc Pérusse, Michel Préville, Tahani Rached, Sayedali Rawji, François Ricard, Lucie Robitaille, Nathalie Saint-Pierre et Roland Bréard, Marie-Claude Sénécal, Marie-Jan Seille, Barbara Shrier, Suzie Synnott and Pol Turgeon.

shot in Montreal, in the Estern Townships, at Saint-André de Kamouraska, Québec and in Maine.

To Jean-Claude, to Lili, to Paulette.
All three of them left to tickle the clouds as I was editing this film. Too young, too quickly, too soon. I will never forget them.

© productions box film inc. 1998

translation: Kathleen Fleming
Anra Médiatextes, Montréal
subtitling: Centre national du sous-titrage, Montréal


boom operator Martin Allard gets in the boat


Isabelle Richard being occasional clapper


Martin another day


Nadine Fournelle and Martyne Morin


Martin, Phillys, Michel, Martyne, Isabelle and...
First day of shooting


Phillys, Michel, Martin, Stéphanie and Isabelle


It's cold but we organise


Jeanne, Phillys, Marcel, Dominique


Dominique, Stéphanie and the crew


Isabelle and Michel: we wait for a ray of sun


dolly in the fields


Nadine and Martyne are ready


and then, the sun came back


a moment of rest or doubt


actors can't tan



Terry is the guardian of the chairs


small adjustments


little touch up


Michel, Eric, Hugo, Isabelle and the actors


Phyllis and Hugo


Marie-Linda and Phyllis

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