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La fille de Montréal

A Montreal Girl
2010 - 92 min. - fiction - 35mm
French with English subtitles

Ariane receives notice from her landlord that
she has to leave the appartment she's been living in
for the last 25 years, in this neighborhood she likes so much.
What to do: fight the case one more time or move on?


Playing Ponette
2007 - 92 min. - essay - digital video
French with English titles

Working with a rigorous yet confident and generous
French film director (Jacques Doillon), an exceptionally
gifted 4 year old actress (Victoire Thivisol) progressively
finds her way into her character, on take after another.

Suivre Catherine

Following Catherine
2007 - 94 min. - fiction (with real stuff) - digital video
French with English subtitles

Animated sequences, documentary and fiction intermingle
in constant interplay with reality in this film diary telling
the story of a 40 years old student in Paris.
A fanciful yet acurate view
- blending irony, tenderness
and gravity -
of a mid-life assessment.

La                      beauté du geste

La beauté du geste
2004 - 97 min. - documentaire - vidéo numérique

A look behind the scenes of the Cinémathèque québécoise,
the year of it's 40th anniversary. A reflexion on the history,
the present stakes and the future of this jewel of
Montreal's cultural life.


2002-2003 - 8 X 10min. - documentary - digital video

A serie of post card style short films, sent to friends
from Paris during a long trip and presented every month
from October to June at the Cinémathèque québécoise.

Lettre à Robert                      Daudelin

Lettre à Robert Daudelin
2002 - 6 min. - lettre vidéo - digital video

A tribute to the beloved director of the
Cinémathèque québécoise, presented during
a celebration of his career, on February 2nd, 2002.

La solitude de Monsieur Turgeon

Lonesome Monsieur Turgeon
2001 - 13 min. - animation - 35mm
French (but very little dialogue)

Monsieur Turgeon is a lonely bachelor. When his fantasies
about a female companion fail to materialize, he tries to fill
the void with an overabundance of consumer goods.
There is nothing in his life but the raucous music of his neighbor,

L'opinion de Monsieur                      Turgeon

L'opinion de
Monsieur Turgeon
1996 - 1 min. - animation - Hi8 video

Monsieur Turgeon couragiously answer a question
in a very special survey.

Revoir Julie

Revoir Julie (Julie and me)
1998 - 91 min, - fiction - 16mm
French with English subtitles

After a break up, Juliet is putting her life back together.
Top of her 'things to do' list is to see an old friend she
has'nt seen for 15 years. Juliet visits Julie in the country,
and the two spend all week end talking, eating and
trying to catch up.


1994 - 23 min. - experimental - Betacam video

A reflection on mother daughter relationships
through a game of bridge: a neutral communication system
which becomes a meeting point between the two women.

Claire et                      l'obscurité

Claire et l'obscurité
1992 - 16 min. - danse film- 16mm
without dialogue

Women facing violence. Based on Brouhaha Danse Group
show in memory of their colleague and friend,
Claire Samson, murdered in the back of the very chic
clothing store where she was working.

La Tranchée

La tranchée
1991 - 26 min. - fiction - 16mm

A young couple dreams of travels. The fridge dies.
The landloard doesn't like his tenant to sing Verdi
in the shower. This all seems to be leading to a war.

Close relations

Close relations
1990 - 20 min. - fiction - 16mm

A young man returns home from a trip to Africa.
His dear sister tells him about the death of their
parents in an accident. Their brotherly bond will tight up
and then take another meaning.

Le film                      de Justine

Justine's film
1989 - 46 min. - fiction - 16mm
French with English subtitles

A girl with a broken heart seeks refuge among friends
to overcome her pain. Unfortunately, she fails at the task
and then, she decides to undetake a treatment:
a detoxification of love.

One overcast afternoon with the Queen                      of Sweeden

One overcast afternoon
with the Queen of Sweeden
1989 - 12 min. - fiction - 16mm

Two young photographers with no ethical sense try to
take the picture of a blabbing bag lady. Despite
appearances, she is no fool and have a surprise for them.


1986-90 - 8min. - expérimental - Umatic video

A young couple at breafast. She is making noise
with her mouth, he can't stand it anymore.
This could easily get out of hand.


Gerçure (A touch of flu)
1988 - 17 min. - fiction - Umatic video
French with English subtitles

Because of her leaky boots, a young woman
catches a big flu. She talks about it as if she was
a tv news anchor.
A French journalist investigates.
A doctor explains the case. Joe six-pack gives us
his opinion.


L'usure (By Attrition)
1986 - 8 min. - fiction - shot in Super 8 posted in 16mm
French with English subtitles

A desert street, two girls: Jo is there to break up with
her lover. Lou doesn't want to.
An urban lesbian western where sharp words
replace gun shots..

À suivre

À suivre
1985 - 8 min. - experimental - VHS
without dialogue

Girl meets boy. They walk and wander in the industrial part
of the city near the harbour.

involevement in collective films:

Un film de cinéastes

Un film de cinéastes

1837 secondes pour l'indépendance 

1837 secondes pour l'indépendance

artistic collaboration to other films:

Le train

Le train
by François Girard
1985 - 6 min. - experimental - vidéo

sound design with Claude Fafard

Le documentaliste et ses outils à
                        travers les âges

Le documentariste et ses outils, à travers les âges
by Catherine Goupil
2003 - 53 min - documentary - vidéo

additional cinematography in Québec

First take, double take
First Take Double Take
by Paula Fairfield
1986 - 8 min - fiction - 16mm

Sound design collaboration and French version

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